Hibiscus Flower

Ana Prego 

I want to empower women and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.  I encourage women to own their unique style, versus following trends, by daring to wear a bespoke; high-end, unique and colorful legging versus your normal solid color legging.  My goal is to have women express themselves openly and with confidence, and have fun being who they are; to be original and in a class by themselves. After all, we only live once, so have fun being one of a kind!

My stand-out designs are inspired by my creativity; my passion and geared towards / resonate with my Cuban-American; Native-Miamian roots; Caribbean / tropical foundation/heritage; and the life in Sunny South Florida.  My vision is a fresh new approach to an already demanding and saturated market of work out attire, with a fresh, fun and innovative idea. My intent is to inspire, create and motivate awareness of the results of a healthy diet and regular exercise, by combining both my love for art and fashion via sports attire for all shapes and sizes designed by Havana Ana's LLC.